passage / passageway [n1] path for travel access, alley, alleyway, avenue, channel, corridor, course, doorway, entrance, entrance hall, exit, gap, hall, hallway, lane, line, lobby, opening, pathway, road, route, shaft, subway, thoroughfare, tunnel, vestibule, way; concepts 440,501 —Ant. blockage, stop passage [n2] excerpt from document clause, extract, paragraph, piece, portion, quotation, reading, section, sentence, text, transition, verse; concept 270 —Ant. whole passage [n3] travel advance, change, conversion, crossing, flow, journey, motion, movement, passing, progress, progression, tour, traject, transfer, transference, transit, transition, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, traverse, traversing, trek, trip, voyage; concepts 145,217,224,704 —Ant. idleness, inaction, wait passage [n4] authorization; enactment acceptance, allowance, establishment, freedom, legalization, legislation, passing, passport, permission, ratification, right, safe-conduct, visa, warrant; concepts 318,685 —Ant. denial, refusal, veto passageway [n] corridor aisle, alley, couloir, entrance hall, entranceway, hall, hallway, ingress, lobby, passage, path, walkway; concept 440

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